Australia’s Movable Technology Heritage Treasures

Currently Australia has items listed on various Heritage registers which provide some protection for the items.

For many people this is “heritage”

But this is also heritage – Movable Heritage

Currently, there is very little recognition or protection for this type of heritage. Across Australia, movable items make less than 2% of officially recognised heritage items.

Clearly this is a very unbalanced view of heritage. Operating Heritage Australia is compiling a list of “Treasures” to demonstrate the range and quality of Australia’s operating heritage, which deserve to be preserved.

We would like to know what you believe to are Australia’s movable heritage treasures. It will help to get official recognition with government and other heritage organisations if you can provide some information for your “Treasure” nominations.

Below is some of the information that we will need when you want to nominate your chosen “Treasures”.

Description of the make and model

Do we know its history?

  • Where it was made?
  • Where it was used?
  • What did it do?

Is it associated with a particular, person or group?

  • Is it associated with someone famous?
  • Is it important to your town or club or family?

What does it tell us about Australia life when it was used?

  • How did it affect society?
  • Who benefitted?
  • Did it lead to other change?

Is it representative of a particular type or style?

  • Is it authentic?
  • Is it complete & in good condition?

Does it demonstrate creative or technical achievement?

Is it important for future generations to learn from?

  • What knowledge and skills are needed for its operation and survival?
  • Does it demonstrate, inform and educate about our past?

Is it rare? Is it under threat?

  • How many remain in Australia?
  • How is it under threat? (e.g. by sale overseas, neglect, vandalism)

A panel from all sectors of the operating heritage community has selected a first list of “100 Treasures” of Australia’s movable cultural heritage.

We know that there are many more. Please review the list and go to the link at the bottom of the page to tell us which items you believe should be included.

100 Treasures

This list had been compiled by Operating Heritage Australia from suggestions made by many heritage groups.

Private Motor Vehicles

  • 1906 Black Model 112 Motor Buggy
  • 1906 Spencer Motorcycle
  • 1924 Vauxhall 30/98 Tourer “Presentation Car”
  • 1932 Chev Moonlight Tourer
  • 1966 Mini Moke
  • 1974 Leyland P76 Force 7V
  • 1975 Ford Falcon XBGT Sedan (Goss, Bartlett, Moffat)
  • 1914 Victor Motorcycle and Sidecar
  • 1919-1926 Australian Six
  • 1986 Fuel Challenge Car

Commercial & Military Vehicles

  • 1936 Leyland Badger (Ted Kruse)
  • 1912 Daimler Bus
  • 1948 Chamberlain “Tail End Charlie”
  • Caldwell Vale Truck 1911
  • 1911 Girling Parcel Carrier
  • 1933 Ford Roadster Utility
  • 1942 Dodge 4 Semi Trailer
  • 1942-43 Sentinel Tank
  • 1971-75 Kentworth Trucks

Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

  • Marshall Oil Tractors
  • MacDonald EB & EAA
  • Hornsby Akroyd Oil Tractor
  • Caldwell Vale 4wd Tractor
  • Hedlie Taylor Header
  • Caldwell Vale 1910 Truck
  • Sunshine Harvester
  • Ruston Proctor (Holt) Tractor
  • Big Lizzie
  • Howard 1929 Rotary Hoe

Steam Vehicles & Portables

  • All Allchin Wagons
  • Marshall Instructional Compound Horizontal Engine
  • Humble Portable
  • Tuxford Portable
  • Salisbury Steam Roller (Tas)
  • Fowler Z7 Ploughing Engines
  • Fowler BAA Colonial
  • Marshall S-Type Steam Roller
  • Foden Steam Truck
  • Welch Perrin Sales Books

Stationary Machinery

  • Boulton & Watt Beam Engine
  • McNaught Beam Engine
  • Maudslay Beam Engine
  • LSAFM Machinery
  • Richmond Vale Power Station
  • Wolseley Shearing Equipment
  • Humphrey Pump
  • Goulburn Water Beam Engine
  • Pedal Radio/Generator
  • Southern Cross Windmill

Maritime Vessels

  • James Craig
  • Waratah Tug
  • Lady Hopetoun
  • Boomerang
  • South Steyne Ferry
  • John Oxley
  • Polly Woodside & Dock
  • PS Ruby
  • Australia II
  • HMAS Castlemaine

Light Rail & Trams

  • NSW Steam Train & Trailers
  • Melbourne Cable Car Set No.1
  • Sydney C Class
  • Brisbane Car 47
  • Melbourne Car 41 (W2 Style)
  • 4-6-0T Hunslet 306 (AWM)
  • Dubs 0-4-2T Mt Lyell No.1
  • Comeng 0-6-0DM Mulgrave No.5
  • 0-6-3T Fowler Invicta
  • Purcell 0-4-0PM Vanguard

Mainline Rail

  • Silver City Comet
  • NSW No.1
  • VR Suburban Electric Tait Set
  • WAGR 2-6-0 G Class Loco (Australian Mogul)
  • NSW Std Goods 5096
  • VR B Class Diesel
  • ROD
  • 0-4-2 Neilson QR No.6
  • SAR 620
  • Kiston 0-2-0WT NJAB1 Rail Car

Civil Aviation

  • Bristol M1c Monoplane VH-UQI
  • Boeing 707-1388 VH-XBA
  • Douglas DC3 VH-ANR
  • Short Scion
  • Fokker FV11 Southern Cross
  • Vickers Vimy G-EAOU
  • Duigan Biplane
  • Avro Avian Cirrus Mkll G-EBOV
  • Bleriot XI Monoplane
  • Westland Widgeon (UHI or UHU)

Military Aviation

  • Consolidated B24M Liberator A72-176
  • CAC Wackett Trainer A3-22
  • Curtiss P40N KittyHawk
  • SE5A Scout A2-4
  • Avro Lancaster Mk 1 “G for George”
  • Spitfire (TAM)
  • Avro Anson (TAM)
  • Catalina (HARS)
  • Vultee Vengeance EZ999
  • CAC Boomerang A46-30

We know that this is just the beginning. Please tell us what you believe should be included in a list of Treasures.

To nominate your Treasures please got to this link: Significant Items – Google Forms or contact us directly through our Contact Us page found here.

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