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Bennerley Viaduct: Building Community Well-being Through Restoration

Thursday, April 22
1:00 pm (EDT)
An On My Watch Event

Join us for a virtual discussion on the plan to restore Bennerley Viaduct, a 2020 World Monuments Watch site, and the movement to transform disused railway routes into trails for walking and cycling that puts heritage at the heart of health and well-being.

Taking place Thursday, April 22 at 1:00 pm (EDT) // 6:00 pm (BST), the event brings together John Darlington, WMF Britain Executive Director; Kieran Lee, Community Engagement Officer from the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct; Rebecca Chan, Executive Director, Friends of the Rail Park, Philadelphia; and Tim Dunn, railway architecture historian, author, and broadcaster/TV presenter.


Introducing Big Stuff webinars – Connections between conferences

The Big Stuff large technology conservation community are starting a series of webinars. COVID made us think of this – and then we thought what a great way to keep talking between the Big Stuff conferences! We will run two per year with the first one kicking off on Monday 12 April (Central European Time) at 13:00. The webinar is open to anyone –  to register please go to and send us an email and we will send you the link in early April.

These webinars are intended to get us all talking. We will have a short talk to introduce the topic and get things started, and then the “floor” will be open for you to share your thoughts and experiences. To start us off for this first seminar Eva Wentland, an emerging Big Stuff conservator, will introduce the controversial topic of coatings for industrial heritage, with an emphasis on heritage exposed outdoors. The basis for this session is the aim to preserve historic coatings as primary sources of information and connection, either visibly by using transparent coatings or invisibly by overcoating with pigmented systems, and with corrosion prevention at the same time.

As always, there is never one right way, especially in heritage preservation where we always have to develop individual solutions for each object. However, we may learn from past case-studies and from the behaviour and (in)stability of the materials introduced to objects for conservation purposes. The aim is to exchange experiences: which coatings do you all use? How can their performance be assessed after long-term exposure? How laborious are subsequent maintenance measures, are they even possible?

Let’s use our “swarm intelligence” to answer and raise new questions!