Big Stuff Philosophy

Big Stuff Philosophy


Large technology heritage is valued, recognised and preserved as an asset that promotes wellbeing, generates economic value and supports community cohesion and growth.


Big Stuff brings together people from all backgrounds to share their knowledge and passion for large technology heritage preservation. 

Big Stuff encourages inter-disciplinary and inter-group thinking and practice, welcoming ideas from academics, professionals, volunteers and private owners, with backgrounds in diverse fields. While core fields include materials conservation and science, engineering, mechanical trades, curatorial studies, architecture and urban planning, Big Stuff also welcomes the inclusion of people and ideas from other disciplines and communities. Innovation comes when we think beyond existing frameworks and expectations.

Big Stuff recognises that public and private collections of large technology have related but distinct goals. Publicly funded organisations typically focus on representative, knowledge-based collecting policies, while volunteer organisations and private owners typically collect in areas of personal passion and opportunity. Both these approaches are essential to maintaining overall diversity and depth in the preservation of large technology heritage.

Big Stuff advocates the preservation of both the tangible and intangible heritage of large technology objects and welcomes contributions in both these areas, recognising that excellence in preservation of the intangible heritage often requires active object maintenance and operation approaches.

Big Stuff endeavours to include practical skill sharing activities as well as formal presentations in its meetings.

Big Stuff actively encourages participation and presentations by students and young people. They are the future custodians of our Big Stuff heritage.

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