Big Stuff 2022

Big Stuff 2022 was hosted in Seixal in Portugal (across the Tagus River from Lisbon). The conference focused on the Seixal Ecomuseum (Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal) and the amazing Vale de Milhaços Gunpowder Factory with its operating steam equipment, water cooling fountain and beautiful forest setting. The organising committee were keen to hold an on-site conference but, recognising that many people were still not able to travel internationally at that time, there was also an option for online participation. The theme for the conference is “Working together? Conservation and safeguarding of industrial and technology heritage”. The program can be found here.

Presentations were published in the journal Conservar Património and are reproduced here by the kind permission of the Editors. Conservar Património is open access and the issue containing the Big Stuff 2022 papers can be found here.

Vale de Milhaços Gunpowder Factory

Boiler House at the Vale de Milhacos Gunpowder factory, Seixal.


Alison Wain, Graça Filipe, Isabel Tissot, Laura Brambilla, Marta Manso – Conservation of industrial and technological heritage


Skye Marshall, Jacqueline Riddle – A tale of hazards: Ingenium’s industrial collections move

Patricia Ferreira Lopes – Exploring Andalusian industrial heritage through data science: breaking down the gaps and concerns to visualise opportunities

Breno Borges – The railway heritage in the context of UNESCO: railway aspects for its interpretation and safeguard

Stoupathis Konstandinos – How Lipman’s “caring thinking” theory for human thought may encourage the safeguarding of industrial and technological heritage

Patricia Ferreira Lopes, Jorge Moya Muñoz, Manuela Pires Rosa – An in-depth look at the application of GIS for industrial heritage documentation

Cláudia Furtado – Challenges in preservation of functional objects in museological context: the role of documentation in safeguarding of musical instruments collections

Julie Schröter, Cyrille Foasso, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Laura Brambilla – Investigating five totalizing counters manufactured by the Alphonse Darras company of the CNAM collections in Paris

Stefano Carrino, Luca Meyer; Jonathan Dreyer; Brice Chalançon, Alejandro Roda-Buch, Laura Brambilla – Data analysis techniques for the visualization and classification of historical vehicle engines’ health status using data-driven solutions

Tiago Castaño Moraes – Heritage (almost) forgotten: breweries between reuse, safeguard and abandonment – the cases of Portugália at Lisboa and Antarctica at Joinville, Brazil

Alison Wain, Jesse Adams Stein, Mitchell Cleghorn – “Rare and vital”: positive terminology, contemporary relevance and robust teaching options for heritage maker trades


Ellie Swinbank – The Scottish transport and industry collections knowledge network (STICK)

Ricardo Triães, Ânia Chasqueira, Ângela Ferraz – Things rust but memories last forever: creative conservation in the industrial heritage

Rachel Rimmer – Is historic working machinery up to 21st century sustainability demands or are we stuck in time?

William Smith, David Watkinson, Nicola Emmerson, Paul Lankester, David Thickett, Ian Leins – Comparative assessment of paint systems for use on heritage artillery at coastal forts in England: experimental design and interim report


Claire Everett, Alexander Rosnell, Malcolm Rankin – Replacement of cast iron piers on an 1886 wrought iron truss bridge in New South Wales, Australia – the challenge of preserving heritage significance during major rehabilitation work

Millena Moreira Fontes – A study of timber frame repair and the case of Gunns Mill’s old blast furnace

Thilo Buergel – Return of the space hoppers: more measures on dH Comet G-BDIX

Davide Lorenzone, Chiara Armigliato, Ilaria Pani – The conservative restoration brings the 1907 Fiat 130 HP back on the track

Eve Paillaux, Sotiris Bampitzaris, Jane Echinard, Gilles Baron, Cesar Escobar-Claros, Magali Brunet, Luc Robbiola, Elodie Guilminot – Conservation of a WWII Supermarine Spitfire section wing

Posters and Slides

Claudia Furtado – Dilemmas in preservation of functional objects in museums: the role of documentation in safeguarding of musical instruments collections

Ana Paula Gonclaves – The conservation process in an industrial context in Barreiro, the legacy of a past. The case of the Baia do Tejo

Suncana Marochini and Lore Troalen – Deep Impact: Analyzing a De Havilland Comet’s Historic Paint Layers

Eve Paillaux, Sotiris Bampitzaris, Jane Echinard, Gilles Baron, Cesar Escobar-Claros, Elodie Guilminot, Magali Brunet, and Luc Robbiola – Conservation of a WWII Supermarine Spitfire wing

Eva Wentland – The preservation of two historic harbour cranes in Hamburg – an interplay of conservation and restoration

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