Big Stuff 2007

Big Stuff 2007 was held at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum (German Mining Museum) in Bochum in the Ruhr region of Germany, with sessions at the Henrichshütte ironworks site in Hattingen, and the Zollverein coal mine complex in Essen. 

Our ISSN number for the conference series is ISSN  2207-2845.

See below for the papers from Big Stuff 2007.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Brian Barker – Training of Volunteers in Aviation Conservation

Stefan Bruggerhoff – Coatings for Industrial Heritage Surfaces – Between the Poles of Aesthetics and Durability

Shane Casey – Preventative Conservation of Large Scale Industrial Objects – the Victorian Steamship Great Britain

Athanasios Chatsigogas – National Report 2006 Greece: Industrial Monuments – Gains and Losses

Kate Clark – Big Stuff – Big Difference – Understanding the Archaeology, Significance and Impact of Industrial Heritage Projects

David de Haan – Running a World Heritage Site: A Prominent Example – Ironbridge Gorge

Axel Fohl – IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung) Emscherpark – a Successful Attempt in Germany

David Hallam – Ethical and Philosophical Issues of Operating Functional Objects: A Developing Approach

Rolf Hoehmann – The Industrial Heritage of Modern Iron and Steel Making in Europe: Preservation Before Extinction

Ulrike Laufer – Tracing History and Path-Finding at the World Cultural Heritage Zollverein

Milos Matej – Country Report: Czech Republic

Hans Peter Noll and Joachim Schares – “Chance Denkmal” – An innovative Sales Practice for Listed Buildings

Scott See – Country Update for the United States

Thorsten Seifert – “Museumspath” Zollverein – Ways Through the Industrial Heritage

Nakayama Shunsuke – Conservation of Large-Scale Modern Cultural Heritage in Japan

Patrick Viaene – BigStuff in a Small Country: Experiences of Conservation of Large Size Industrial Heritage in Belgium

Alison Wain – Large technology projects – success and sustainability

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