Big Stuff 2007

Big Stuff 2007 was held at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum (German Mining Museum) in Bochum in the Ruhr region of Germany, with sessions at the Henrichsh├╝tte ironworks site in Hattingen, and the Zollverein coal mine complex in Essen. 

Our ISSN number for the conference series is ISSN  2207-2845.

See below for the papers from Big Stuff 2007.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Brian Barker – Training of Volunteers in Aviation Conservation

Stefan Bruggerhoff – Coatings for Industrial Heritage Surfaces – Between the Poles of Aesthetics and Durability

Shane Casey – Preventative Conservation of Large Scale Industrial Objects – the Victorian Steamship Great Britain

Athanasios Chatsigogas – National Report 2006 Greece: Industrial Monuments – Gains and Losses

Kate Clark – Big Stuff – Big Difference – Understanding the Archaeology, Significance and Impact of Industrial Heritage Projects

David de Haan – Running a World Heritage Site: A Prominent Example – Ironbridge Gorge

Axel Fohl – IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung) Emscherpark – a Successful Attempt in Germany

David Hallam – Ethical and Philosophical Issues of Operating Functional Objects: A Developing Approach

Rolf Hoehmann – The Industrial Heritage of Modern Iron and Steel Making in Europe: Preservation Before Extinction

Ulrike Laufer – Tracing History and Path-Finding at the World Cultural Heritage Zollverein

Milos Matej – Country Report: Czech Republic

Hans Peter Noll and Joachim Schares – “Chance Denkmal” – An innovative Sales Practice for Listed Buildings

Scott See – Country Update for the United States

Thorsten Seifert – “Museumspath” Zollverein – Ways Through the Industrial Heritage

Nakayama Shunsuke – Conservation of Large-Scale Modern Cultural Heritage in Japan

Patrick Viaene – BigStuff in a Small Country: Experiences of Conservation of Large Size Industrial Heritage in Belgium

Alison Wain – Large technology projects – success and sustainability

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