Big Stuff 2004

Big Stuff 2004, the inaugural Big Stuff conference, was held at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. See below for the papers from BigStuff 2004.

The papers from this conference are also available at:

This confernce had its own ISBN: 09751904 3 1

The ISSN number for the continuing conference series is ISSN  2207-2845.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Alison Wain – Introduction to proceedings

Steven Adams – Managing floating heritage: a decade of managing a fleet of historic vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Alayne Alvis – Conserving “Big Stuff” – lessons learnt

Sarah Clayton – Making your own Mannequins

Sarah Clayton and Alison Wain – Digital images for LTO conservation

Clara Deck – Conservation of Big Stuff at The Henry Ford: past, present and future

Kornelius Goetz – Capabilities and Limitations of Museum Volunteers: Examples of Restoration Practice in Small Museums

John Griswold – Preserving the Orbiter: Stabilization, Disassembly, Relocation and Storage of an Historic Space Shuttle Mock-Up

David Hallam, David Thurrowgood and Col Ogilvie – Corrosion, wear and corrosive wear; the story of lubrication systems in large technology object storage and use

John Kemister – An identity crisis: Hawker Sea Fury FB11 VX730

Laura Kennedy – Dusty, neglected galleries? Not here!!!

Laura Kennedy – Pest control treatment of Chevrolet Ridemaster Deluxe DS, 1940

Chris Knapp – Professional conservators in practice: an introduction to the conservation of air and land transport collections

Bill Lang – Creating a modular storage system for large technology objects at the Australian War Memorial

Gillian Mitchell – Application of the Burra Charter to large technology objects: a freelance conservator’s experiences

Nigel Nolan and Ian Smith – A volunteer perspective

Col Ogilvie – Conservation: from a Tradesman’s point of view

Andrew Pearce – Avoiding that shrinking feeling: adopting a chemically unstable material for conservation

Andrew Pearce – A Spot of research: investigating the previous paint schemes of “G for George”

Paul Pounds – Wireless Remote Data Logging

David Thurrowgood and David Hallam – Preserving significance: Why the journey mattered more than the car

Alison Wain – Organising an effective maintenance plan for Big Stuff

Alison Wain – A well-planned operation

Alison Wain – LTO display maintenance sheet – AWM

John White – Conservation and large technological artefacts: a curatorial perspective

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