Our web application was developed especially for documenting Industrial Heritage. Two things were very important: First, users with different levels of experience should be able to start working immediately. Secondly, everything should be intuitive to use. The app was programmed with the open source software Drupal, which is used worldwide.

Three-dimensional virtual tours are currently changing everything. Google Street View, for example, is one of the most popular apps among others. Industrial Heritage is often very complex, with many rooms full of objects. Spaces are often small and cramped, or so overcrowded that a photograph cannot show everything. With a three-dimensional camera, the heritage can be captured very easily and quickly on site so it can be explored by a virtual tour at home, and a real 3D model with floor plan, a virtual tour with high-resolution pictures and a 3D view (dollhouse) can be created. Our app integrates the 3D-model just as easily as a photo. The decisive difference is of course the great clarity. Furthermore, these models can be measured on screen with an accuracy of a few centimetres.

Information about the app will be published soon here.

Examples are given here.

In conclusion, we can say that the app offers these advantages:

• easy recording of information;
• the checklist in the templates follows EN 16095:2012 and EN 16096:2012;

• upload of many data formats;

• highly vivid through integration of 3D models and videos;

• data security and cooperation of different participants at different locations;

• information can be imported and exported via exchange formats;

• runs on mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

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