Big Stuff 2015

The Big Stuff 2015 large technology heritage conference was held at the Centre Historique Minier in Lewarde, France. This is in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France which is full of amazing industrial heritage – coal mines, textile mills, lace works etc. The conference was timed to coincide with the TICCIH 2015 industrial heritage conference in Liile in the same area, so it was a feast of all things French and industrial for the better part of two weeks. 

See below for the papers presented at Big Stuff 2015.

Our ISSN number for the conference series is ISSN  2207-2845.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Sarah Jane Brazil – Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution

Claudia Chemello & Paul Mardikian – Conservation of Structural Ironwork from a Large Downdraft Kiln at the Former Western Clay Manufacturing Company site in Helena, Montana, USA

Clara Deck – Maintaining the Dymaxion House in Henry Ford Museum

Yiping Dong – Large scale industrial structures conservation in China – a short report

Peter Du Rietz & Anna Lindgren – Industrial documentations – a collaborative way to build knowledge together

Piotr Gerber – Preservation activities dealing with a former zinc production site in Poland

Romain Jeanneret, Tobias Schenkel, Christian Degrigny, Damien Tournache, Guillaume Rapp, Olivia Mooser, Manon Raïs, Audrey Liardon, & Anaïs Vecten – Le Sismographe « de Quervain-Piccard » de l’Observatoire de Neuchâtel (The Seismograph de Quervain-­‐Piccard at Neuchâtel Observatory)

Bill Jordan – Maintenance and operation of the 1885, rope-driven Craven Bros gantry crane

Ruth Keller – Memorial and Centre of technical education – Conservation of an electric generator in a regional museum of Tigray, Ethiopia

Gerhard Lenz, Kornelius Goetz & Stefan Brüggerhoff – World Heritage Foundation Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System: Two examples of object evaluation and condition measurement using a Webapp in accordance with EU standard 16096

Bernhard Mai & Norbert Tempel – Preservation of steam engines – the former sugar plant, Oldisleben/Germany as an example

Paul Mardikian, Claudia Chemello & Jerrad Alexander – Strategies for Preserving Layers of History on Apollo-Era Flown engines

Cristian Mazzon – Development of monitoring techniques for coatings applied to industrial heritage

Diana McCormack & Marta Leskard – Conservation of the aerial tuning inductor from Rugby Radio Station, Warwickshire, UK

Shunsuke Nakayama – Status quo, issues and measures related to the protection of industrial heritage in Japan

Heike Oevermann – Industrial heritage management in the context of urban planning

Frida Pashako & Boriana Golgota Vrusho – The history and actual condition of industrial heritage in Albania: The problems and opportunity of the metallurgical complex of Elbasan

Stan Reed – Recent conservation work in the hammer forge at Næs Ironworks Museum. Authentic fabric vs. function

Kathleen Ribbens – The Würzburg Riese Radar at the Atlantikwall Museum of Raversyde, Ostend, Belgium – a restoration case study

Martin Sauder – Remediation of concrete structures: Technical solutions meeting monument preservation demands

Timothy Scarlett – Batch treatments for industrial heritage collections: Supercritical CO2 treatments to stabilize ferrous metal artifacts

Kaat Sneiders & Marjolijn Debulpaep – Historical trains invaded by fluffy stuff. Mould issues in six historical train interiors: treatment and follow-up

Norbert Tempel & Axel Böcker – Preservation challenges of big concrete bunkers: Voelklingen ironworksand Henrichshuette ironworks

David Thickett – Corrosion protection for complex large equipment

Alison Wain – Values are the key: drivers of separation and co-operation between different communities of practice

Gesa Witt & Ulrich Stahn – Conservation work on Hamburg’s last tram

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