Conservation work on Hamburg’s last tram

Creator: Gesa Witt & Ulrich Stahn

Date: 2015

Introduction: Hamburg had one of the oldest and most extensive German tram networks. The first electrically-powered line was opened as early as 1894. In 1958, the Senate of the Hansestadt Hamburg decided to close down the entire network; the last route was converted to a bus service in 1978. Several depots were converted to building supplies stores and supermarkets. When the last tram depot in Old Kollaustrasse in Lokstedt became a DIY store, a “conservation light” approach was applied.

Reference: Gesa Witt & Ulrich Stahn, ‘Conservation work on Hamburg’s last tram’, Big Stuff 2015

DOI Link:

Witt, Gesa, & Stahn, Ulrich. (2015). Conservation work on Hamburg’s last tram. Zenodo.
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