The Scottish transport and industry collections knowledge network (STICK)

Creator: Ellie Swinbank

Source: Conservar Património

Publisher: ARP – Associação Profissional de Conservadores-Restauradores de Portugal

Rights: Approval to upload a pdf of each article to the Big Stuff website provided by Associação Profissional de Conservadores-restauradores de Portugal, with an acknowledgement that they were published by Conservar Património and the link to the Conservar Património issue they are in.

Date: 28/09/2023


Keywords: Collections, Network, Training, Industry, Transport

Abstract: The Scottish Transport and Industry Collections Knowledge Network (STICK) brings together a range of organisations and individuals who share a common interest in transport and industrial collections and promoting their care and enjoyment. While a multi-disciplinary steering group drives it forward, STICK is its members and their passion and knowledge. STICK facilitates shared learning and knowledge exchange through projects, events and active communication that have drawn on the knowledge and expertise of participants to achieve the aims of the group. STICK’s engaged membership and the success of its projects demonstrate the network’s strengths but, as an informal body, it faces various challenges as well. It is looking to use learning from its work to date, along with the combined experience and needs of its steering group and members, to address these challenges and continue to bring people together and achieve good outcomes for the sector in the future.

Reference: Swinbank, E. (2023). The Scottish transport and industry collections knowledge network (STICK). Conservar Património, 44, 143–152.

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