Emergency Measures on dH Comet G-BDIX

Creator: Thilo Burgel

Date: 2013

Introduction: DH Comet 4C “G-BDIX” arrived at the Museum of Flight in Scotland in September 1981. After a flight from Lasham in Hampshire it touched down on the runway of East Fortune Airfield, becoming the last dH 106 Comet to fly in commercial colours.

The National Museum of Flight (NMoF) is surrounded by fields and about four miles (six kilometers) away from the coast.The museum has three aircraft on outdoor display, a BAC1-11 airliner, an Avro Vulcan bomber and the dH Comet. The two airliners are accessible to the public.

Although once repainted in the1990s, after more than 30 years the exterior and interior of the Comet has deteriorated considerably due the harsh Scottish weather and constant use by visitors.Minor work has been carried out over the years, like corrosion treatment and an exterior clean every spring.Since 2008 the work of the conservation team at the NMoF is mostly exhibition lead with less time for maintenance of the outside aircraft.

Reference: Thilo Burgel, ‘Emergency Measures on dH Comet G-BDIX’, Big Stuff 2013

DOI Link:

Burgel, Thilo. (2013). Emergency Measures on dH Comet G-BDIX. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4086913
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