Feel the Love – the visual presentation of large technology heritage

Creator: Alison Wain

Date: 2013

Introduction: The ways in which producers of large technology heritage choose to present their objects from a visual and aesthetic point of view are highly varied, and they are influenced by factors including personal preference, philosophy, available skills and straight cost. Broadly though, they can be grouped into four distinct styles, which will be referred to in this article as “As Found”, “Working Clothes”, “Former Glory”and “Creative Customising”. This article will explore what values these styles reflect, what aspects of significance they enhance or let go, how visitors respond to them, and their impacts on the costs of saving Big Stuff in tight economic times.

The article will draw on a recent study of producer and visit or responses to large technology heritage in Australia, which investigated how producers felt about different presentation styles, and how their visitors responded to and interpreted those same styles.368 visitors participated in short, semi-structured interviews, and 83 people involved with the production or management of large technology heritage participated in longer, open interviews. The interviews were conducted at eight sites in Australia that display large technology heritage and, for comparison, a leisure site that does not have heritage displays.

Reference: Alison Wain, ‘Feel the Love – the visual presentation of large technology heritage’, Big Stuff 2013

DOI Link:

Wain, Alison. (2013). Feel the Love – the visual presentation of large technology heritage. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4087253
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