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    Hi Everyone!
    There is an upcoming webinar on the pros and cons of wet steam lubrication on Monday 27th Sept at 11am London Time.
    The Uk’s Science and Industry Museum, Manchester (part of the Science Museum Group) has asked the Big Stuff community to help them work out an innovative plan for operating their steam engines in their newly designed Power Hall. They want to create a display that is exciting, informative AND environmentally friendly. However, their steam engines use large quantities of water which get contaminated with lubricating oil and have to be jettisoned as waste. They are interested in using wet steam lubrication, but they want to know how it works in practice and whether it will translate to the museum situation successfully.
    The schematics for the proposed gallery and steaming plan can be found here.

    Please join us for a great debate, whether you have experience with this method or just want to know more!

    To register and find out more go to the Big Stuff webinars page on the Big Stuff Website!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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