Little Fixes for Big Stuff

Creator: Liz Croome

Date: 2013

Introduction: What happens when an institution does not have sufficient resources to carry out elaborate treatments on all of its collections?The conservation labs at Parks Canada are responsible for all the artifacts from 167national historic sites and 44national parks. That is a lot of artifacts compared to the number of conservation staff. The problem is compounded by the distances between the laboratories and the historic sites and parks. This paper presents the work that was done at five of the Parks Canada sites. The closest to our Winnipeg location is Sloops Cove in northern Manitoba. It’s a three hour plane flight followed by a boat ride to get there from the Winnipeg laboratory. The other sites are in Alberta and British Columbia,about a 16 –20 hour drive from Winnipeg. Only the grader at Kootenay Crossing is actually accessible by a paved road. All the others have varying degrees of accessibility.

Reference: Liz Croome, ‘Little Fixes for Big Stuff’, Big Stuff 2013

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Croome, Liz. (2013). Little Fixes for Big Stuff. Zenodo.
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