The preservation of operating industrial sites

Creator: Denise Fernandes Geribello

Date: 2013

Introduction: The methods of field work and organized study of industrial sites have been developing along with the discussion on the industrial heritage preservation. Since the mid-twentieth century, the recognition, documentation and dissemination of the industrial heritage have been the issue of many books and conferences worldwide. A lot has already been accomplished, but there is still a lot to be discussed.

One specific topic that calls my attention is the study and documentation of active industrial sites. As the discussions around industrial heritage focus on sites that ceased operations, there is not enough theoretical and methodological apparatus for those who study sites that are antic and recognized as heritage, but still performs its initial activities. But which are in fact the differences between the research of big empty shells and the research of industries that are still in operation?

Reference: Denise Fernandes Geribello, ‘The preservation of operating industrial sites’, Big Stuff 2013

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Geribello, Denise Fernandes. (2013). The preservation of operating industrial sites. Zenodo.
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