Under pressure: Restoration of the gasholders Ghent

Creator: Mieke Goegebuer

Date: 2013

Introduction: The gasholders are located in Europe, Belgium, in the region of Flanders in the beautiful historical city of Ghent.

In the early 19th century, it were the cities of Paris and London that were the forerunners on providing urban lighting on gas, a technical novelty that spread quickly to other European cities.

In Ghent, gas production experienced an evolution from 1823 onwards making its location move four times in the 1880’s. Eventually the production of gas settled along a broad avenue, close to an industrial site. This location was in the vicinity of a connection canal and a former station, which both offered excellent transport facilities for the smooth supply of coal.

On this plant 5 gas holders were successively built. Three of them were demolished between 1943 and 1970. The remaining two are now the only two remnants of public gas production for the supply of urban light.

To avoid the planned demolition, the gasholders were protected as a monument in 1995(1). They are the last remaining gasholders in the region of Flanders.

Reference: Mieke Goegebuer, ‘Under pressure: Restoration of the gasholders Ghent’, Big Stuff 2013

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Goegebuer, Mieke. (2013). Under pressure: Restoration of the gasholders Ghent. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4086985
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